momma’s garden, post rain

I really don’t know how it’s already April… Time has flown by this semester. We’ve gone through our Immuno/Microbio course and the course where we learned about anemia, clotting disorders, and myeloproliferative & myelodysplastic disorders. Currently we’re in the middle of Neuro. These next couple weeks are rough, but the light at the end of the tunnel is summer break, which is 60 days away!!!

Last week I went home to the parentals for dinner and we made pizzas and had awesome bonding time. It was fantastic. These are just random snaps of some of the flowers in my mom’s garden.


This rose is truly impressive- it’s about 6 feet tall!


Cheers to productivity and having a good week and staying warm in this weather.


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off to a great start

We’re a week in, and so far, 2016 is… unremarkable. It’s okay though. I know this year will be exciting. I made very vague resolutions, which I know makes them harder to stick to, but I feel like it’s less pressure on myself. I’m back in the habit of making green smoothies. This one is acai, 1 banana, 1 apple, and 2 cups of spinach.


(cactus not for consumption)

There’s not much else going on… The rest of winter break was fantastic. I got to see old friends, and had a coffee catch up date with my two best girlfriends from high school. The wedding was fantastic, and the drive to Bakersfield wasn’t bad at all. Rang in the new year downtown with Jane and Chan, and I got to see one of my friends who just got back from Zambia after working for years with the peace corps.

I’m still in break mode, and definitely still on a break sleeping schedule, so I’m trying to get that sorted out, all while taking care of a cold that won’t seem to go away. Powering through, though! These lectures aren’t going to watch themselves…

Until next time–


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2015… (day 365)

I started this year alone, in my perfect little house in Las Vegas, and I am ending this year in Cali, still alone, but in a different (better) way.

I think this was the year I changed the most. Sure, major life events happened that I am so grateful for, but the most change happened within me. I can tell the story of how a toxic friendship ended. I can talk about how I fell in love with someone who didn’t love me back, but still turned out to be one of my biggest supporters. I can tell you how I moved so many times this year it made my head spin (and how I still miss my beautiful white desk I had in Vegas, even though it is in good hands now). But this was the year I learned to believe in myself, to fight for what I want, and how to be independent.


let’s be real- I can’t do a year recap-ish post without including a pic of my favorite person in the whole world <3

I traveled a lot this year! Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Brianhead, Cathedral Gorge… Most All of these were spontaneous road trips, but I love that I had the freedom to be able to do these things. Even though most of these were day trips, it was the fact that I went, on my own, seeking adventure. And it was all sparked by that one day I missed the exit for Hoover Dam and found Willow Beach on accident. DSC02921



Oh, and minor detail, I started the path to fulfill my dream. Kind of a big deal! But, I kind of don’t want to think about that, only because since school started, time has flown by way too quickly. August through December was one big blur. I can’t believe a quarter of my time in the classroom is done. That makes me so sad. I want to savor all these moments, even though the only moments there are to savor are things like me falling asleep on the floor while taking notes, spending hours at a coffee shop with the same cold latte, or things like meeting in study rooms before exams and being nervous but then playing pump up music. I don’t know. One day I’ll gather all my thoughts about my favorite things of first semester, but I’m on winter break, and even though I’m echoing IDIT lectures, I’d prefer not to think about school for another week.

The point is… what is the point? The point is that 2015 was an amazing year. It was unexpected and so full of love and laughter. There’s so much more I can say, but I have to leave for a wedding. It seems fitting that I end my year hopeful, celebrating the love of two awesome friends.

Cheers to… everything. New beginnings, great endings, and all that good stuff that people say on NYE.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me.


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thankful thoughts (day 330)

I think the biggest thing I am thankful is that I’m not in the same place I was a year ago.

I’m thankful for all the little things that make me smile on a daily basis. I’m thankful that I met such a solid group of people four months ago, who let me be my crazy self. Thankful for old friends who stay with me and work around my crazy schedule without complaint. I am thankful for my sister, who lets me panic before every exam, and always tells me that I can do it, and for my parents, who are too good to me.

I am lucky. Happy tofurkey day.


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what does arizona have that california doesn’t (day 307)

my favorite place in the world is that house at the end of the cul de sac, in spring valley, in the little dustbowl of over-populated las vegas. that house will still be there  after these three months are up, but it may not mean home anymore, and that is incredibly sad. but it will be okay, because i have some of the happiest memories there. in response to me saying i wanted to cry, b said “why? we already live in separate states” YEAH BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. it was nice having someone at home base in NV.

“You can’t leave New York, you’re the Chrysler building!”

here’s to new adventures, i guess.

the rest of my day? four hours of lecture, four hours of OMM, getting caught in the rain on the walk home, leftover tortellini for dinner, and now catching up on another four (why is everything in fours?) hours of lecture… YAY.

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