happy july (day 182)

I guess some kind of place marker should be put in for the first of July… we are now in the second half of the year. Cue the remarks about how quickly time flies.

I guess there should be some kind of check in for new years resolutions? I don’t remember making any. So I’m good on that front.
I’m missing home desperately.
I’ve been active every day for the past three weeks, and have noticed a huge shift in my energy levels.
As usual, I’m trying to juggle a million things at once. Still not great at it, but I’m getting better at multi-tasking on a large scale.
Oh, and my computer is still out of commission. Don’t get me started on how frustrating life has been sans laptop.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I’m hoping that the second half of this year will be just as great (but in different ways) as the first half has been.

Rabbit rabbit! And happy July :)


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lesson learned the hard way (day 171)

I said this earlier, but having your computer crash is something I wouldn’t wish on even my worst enemy.

The suspense I was in yesterday was pretty awful, and it was all over a select few pictures. Yes, there were other memories from the past three years, but luckily, vacation photos (Kauai, Mammoth, Grand Canyon…) and major life event photos (graduation) had been saved elsewhere.

What I really cared about were a handful of low-quality iphone pictures all taken in the last six months. Olivia made some comment about me living my life through my viewfinder, and something about how the memories should be enough. Of course they are. Every minute in “spring valley” (no one calls it that… except me) is burned into my brain. Of course I will always remember the feel of the comforter, the way sun peeked through the curtains, the dust on the hardwood floors, the weight of Mercy sleeping at the foot of the bed…

But the visual memory is something I still care for. Those few pictures were all I wanted to save, and it was the thought of never seeing those again that brought me to tears.

I don’t want to live my life through my viewfinder. I worry, though, that my memory will go one day and maybe I won’t remember all the little details that were so important at one point. I guess the people who aren’t as obsessive about taking pictures don’t have as much to lose in situations like this. But I am a habitual picture taker and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I guess lesson learned: back up your data!

So my laptop is still sick and out of use. Which means all the posts that I had planned about my adventures in the desert southwest won’t happen. At least not any time soon.

In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for my poor laptop. I hope everyone else is having a better weekend than I am. I am going to take my mind off this and go to the movies later. xoxo

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still here!! (day 166)

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! I am still here… getting back in the swing of things and preparing for summer (which I’m not too excited for, but oh well)

I guess one positive of this place is the beautiful flora :)


It’s going to be crazy for a while but I’m trying to get stuff queued up… hopefully!

Happy Monday…


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soaking up the sun (day 151)


favorite pool in the city, with one of my favorite gals. 

now it’s time for GoT. happy sunday, ya’ll.

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Exactly five months ago to the day, we sat eating breakfast, you with your french toast, me with my red velvet pancakes, and that fantasy of us started to unfold in my mind.

I wish we could go back to simpler times.


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