that one time I made enchiladas for twenty people (day 323)


So after a weekend of barely sleeping, a heck of a Monday morning, and running errands all afternoon, I so wanted to bail. It was so tempting to nap instead of cooking. But I mustered the energy and I did it! I made enchiladas for twenty people (give or take a couple).

I kind of loved it. Even though I was exhausted, I liked cooking for my friends and loved sharing it with them. It made me super excited for Thanksgiving, for some reason. I know I wasn’t cooking for the less fortunate or anything, but it put me in a good, giving mood. I can’t wait for next weekend.


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day 316


I cannot believe this happened today. I can’t believe that I already have to buy a 2015 planner. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. Cue the general panic about the year ending and getting older and yadda yadda yadda…

For once, I’m sad to see this year go. I know we’re not there yet, but let’s call this pre-nostalgia.

The start of this year was awful. Just awful. For a while I didn’t think I would make it out alive (so to speak). But here I am. More than anything, I’m proud of myself.


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Day 312

I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

Random thoughts from my week…
Monday: Man, am I glad to not have to smell formaldehyde for a couple days.
Tuesday: Man, bones are boring. Hey! I know that’s a femur!
Wednesday: Man, my room is DUSTY. I should probably clean this.
Thursday: Do I say “man” and “dude” too much? Do I really need a flu shot? Okay… Flu shots are painful, and not fun from people who don’t know what the acromion is. (Thursday was a jumbled day.)
Friday: I was surprisingly productive today.

I am so so glad it’s finally the weekend.


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I know what today is.

I almost forgot, but I know.


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mid-week weekend (day 285)

snaps from a much needed break <3

UntitledKind of love waking up to a sink full of fresh, homegrown pomegranate :)


UntitledBaskin Robbins’ blueberry cheesecake is an absolute must… A dozen times better than strawberry cheesecake.

UntitledEmma found a notebook that she and Jane kept senior year- writing notes to each other and making up comic strips about Chan. It was hilarious to flip through and reminisce about high school.

UntitledThis is now a thing. I refuse to accept that he’s grown up. He’s eight and his favorite hobby is playing with legos. When did this happen??

UntitledAnd of course, sibling selfie time. <3

UntitledView on my drive home. Not too shabby…

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